Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Read a book, you uncultured dummy

It's hard not to react badly in a discussion about a prejudice you don't face when you ask somebody a question and they respond that it's not their job to educate you.  They're right, but it's hard to take when you are also told that the burden of the prejudice is not something you can understand, due to your privileged position.

A lot of people don't want to explain their burdens to you because the explanation is frequently just rejected.  I think it's pretty understandable that women would like to walk down the street without hearing strangers' opinions of their bodies, but drawing this conclusion is apparently a feat of intuition and logic that escapes a good amount of the Internet.  So I don't want to explain it again, just to hear that I've made a stupid mistake in thinking that my comfort is relevant to my comfort.

Sometimes, a banal metaphor for a concept gains traction on the Internet, and I usually don't get what the hubbub is.  There is value in finding new ways to explain a concept, but I don't really think that (e.g.) "consent is like tea" is much different than "consent must be given."

Maybe I should be a little kinder about things like "spoon theory" since we're all just trying to get this down, and maybe it takes a fresh look for some of us once in a while.