Thursday, September 29, 2011

What do you want, and when do you want it?

It's too bad I'm not the only one who is befuddled about Occupy Wall Street.  I'm pretty darn politically aware, and don't need a lot of hand-holding in approaching social issues, but I'm noticing that I lose interest when it comes to insubstantial ideas.  Yes, I want it to be possible to get by in this country.  I'm very interested in how exactly that can be made to happen, but stuff that is literally impossible is lucky if it gets a shrug from me.  Also, anything with a "Step 2. ?? Step 3. Profit!"

Step 1.  Occupy Wall Street.  Right on.
Step 2. This is what I am missing
Step 3. Thank God it's over.

I don't think that there are too many people unaware of our huge recession.  So it's starting to look like:

Step 1: Underestimate the intelligence of everyone
Step 2: Hey, wtf
Step 3: everyone is mad

What we need awareness of is what we need to do.  The problem is pretty damned obvious.  Though, I do look forward to Reimagine Work, the upcoming conference that seeks a roadmap to an economy that people can live with.  As far as I know, the basic premise is to uncouple income from work.  Now that's interesting.  It's a bit radical for my blood, but something's gotta give.  


Sara E Anderson said...

A note: the title of this post was originally something dumb, and I changed it. I completely changed my concept for this post several times, and the title suffered for it.

ballgame said...

I think the point of the protests is to raise awareness that there really is a Left that exists in this country, and that there are options beyond the This Party Is Batshit Crazy and This Party Sucks But Not Quite As Much box that the media shoves everything into.

I think a lot of people know that the rich are the main ones responsible for fucking up our economy, but they don't know that anyone else knows that, and so the fact just sort of drifts out of their consciousness into the 'fact of life, whaddya gonna do' category. When protests get big enough (and hopefully some smart FDR-like people start working on fixing the system — Elizabeth Warren???), those people realize that what they know isn't just true, but is also relevant.

BTW, Sara, are you still active at Cogitamus? I find it very odd that the protests haven't even been mentioned over there.

Anonymous said...

hi, in germany we have a similar idea "growing", mostly within local parties, call the "bedingunsloses grundeinkommen" (an "unconditional income for everyone)". its first goal is also to cut the income from its relation to the work and ensure that everyone gets some money (people talk about more or less 1500 euro). with this "income" people should be able to life a life in dignity, using the humanitarian voice at this point. there a lot different kinds of this idea, that change on finance or other necessary detials. go look it up, should find english articels about it.

Sara E Anderson said...

I've been trying to warm up to an audience around these parts before stepping back in there. (I also was wondering if it would be weird to just show up again out of nowhere, but what the hell.)

But I think you've got something there. It's not precisely what I'd like, but I'm used to taking what I can get when it comes to politics.