Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can't argue with results or: We're doing something wrong

I've been awfully disturbed about violent and overt racism flaring up in my region lately, but have only gone beyond "horror and embarrassment" to "So what now?"   If this is the place where someone's planting their MLK Day bomb, we're doing something wrong.  It's tempting to just say, "Hey, they gotta be somewhere," and rhetorically if not physically distance yourself from our crop of white supremacists, but while the normal public (I'm guilty too) has been throwing up their hands, the white supremacists have been regrouping.  Everyone else seems to be able to avoid this, and we should take a lesson.  My slacktivism hasn't helped me intuit what exactly it is, but I've seen little in the way of ideas for aggressively facing the problem.  In fact, there's the expected pants-wetting occurring when the appropriate word "racist" is applied to the social climate.  I think the individualistic bent of the area is keeping people thinking too small.  Okay, okay, I get it: you're not racist.  That's nice for you.  But it's obviously not enough.  
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