Friday, January 08, 2010

New Year, Still Me

For some reason, I had it in my head that I wasn't going to post anything until my triumphant return to work (which I think is impending, but at a somewhat-less-triumphant level than I was hoping for). I started several posts fuming about kill-the-bill-ers, but they were just more ranting that the debate didn't need. Suffice it to say that I prefer a bill to no bill at all, and don't actually care if insurance companies remain intact and profitable. I'd prefer they crash and burn, but it's just not going to happen any time soon (and especially wasn't going to with that weak-ass excuse for a public option that was floating around).

Re: food, my spouse has been making split-pea pasties (not the kind that go on nipples), and I've been eating them before getting a photo. Ever wanted to put split-pea soup in a pie? Pasties are your chance! Plus, the Palouse is the dry pea and lentil capital of the world, so we would thank you for your support. If I can get him to write down the recipe, I'll post it ASAP. If you're not a split-pea type of person, there are a lot of variations out there.
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