Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a murder trial, not an abortion trial

I didn't really know what to think about Scott Roeder being allowed to go ahead with a really really stupid defense in his upcoming murder trial, but I think Emily Bazelon does a great job of articulating why it's going to be a horror show. She says:

Surely the Kansas appeals courts will set the judge straight if he doesn't fix this himself by the trial's end. But by then, harm will have been done. Scott Roeder will get to put on testimony about why he thought he was justified in killing Tiller. He will have a show trial in which he can present himself as a martyr to the cause of the unborn. Judge Wilbert has repeatedly insisted that he won't let this trial become a trial about abortion. But that's exactly where his ruling is taking us
I've already seen headlines referring to the upcoming trial as an "abortion trial." Abortion is LEGAL. George Tiller performed legal medical procedures and someone took his life for that.
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