Thursday, March 05, 2009

Glad to see that in the rearview mirror

Yesterday, it had been a year since my surgery. I'm going to do some neuropsychological testing today, to find out exactly what that means, but the rough picture is this: no job currently, no real idea of what comes next, and I am not sick at all. I was, however, disheartened to see that the FDA has just approved Copaxone for use immediately after clinically isolated syndrome suggestive of MS. I don't trust Copaxone, though, since it doesn't really slow progression of disability. It decreases frequency of relapses, but there's really no telling whether or not that's important to me. I have not yet had any classic physical MS symptoms (except maybe fatigue, which may or may not be related to MS). My neuro wants to keep monitoring me with an MRI twice a year, and keeping an eye out for symptoms.
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