Monday, February 23, 2009

Learn it early: different is bad

If you're weird, cover it up so the kids don't have to think about it. A BBC show for small kids has recently acquired a host who has one fully-formed arm and most of the upper half of the other, and no one tries to hide this from the camera, which has upset parents on behalf of their sheltered and incurious children.

The NYT quotes comments to the BBC that I wasn't able to find myself.

A father going by the name of brightroddydoddy wrote:

I question the logic of hiring a girl with part of her arm missing (and so obviously placed on display for kids to see it) to present cbeebies. My child was immediately freaked out and didn’t want to watch. There’s a time and place for showing kids all the “differences” that people can have, but nine in the morning in front of 2 year olds is NOT the place!

Little overboard on the need for political correctness, perhaps?

I question the logic of sheltering your children from the fact that every body has idiosyncracies. Your child may be perfectly average in every way at 2, but life has a way of intervening with these things, and growing up in a world where impossible beauty is demanded of everyone has a way of making the perfectly average feel perfectly dismal.

Little overboard on the need for conformity, perhaps?
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