Friday, February 06, 2009

Land's End Swimsuits for mutants

We've all been disappointed by women's mags that promise fashion advice for every bod, but only deliver on the thin-and-curvy or thin-and-not-so-curvy.

I got a new Land's End catalog today and noticed their system for indicating which of their swimsuits flatter which body types - I could figure most of it out, where the upside-down triangle was meant to symbolize the top-heavy bather, the rectangle a not-so-curvy gal, and the normal triangle the bottom-heavy. I had to look closer at the star, because I was not sure which human body is going to fit into a suit with radial symmetry. Supposedly a suit accompanied by a star looks good on any human female.

Fatties have been singing the praises of Land's End swimwear for quite a while now, but if you're in need of advice, I'll share that I got a suit from LE a couple of years ago and still adore it, even though a dip in an extremely-chlorinated hotel pool did a number on the coloration. It's been a long time since I've been comfortable doing anything at all without wearing a bra, but my LE suit serves my boobs well on camping trips where I want to be swim-ready all day.
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