Thursday, February 05, 2009

"Health needs"

I was listening to a radio show where some anti-choice guy was complaining about the lifting of the Global Gag Rule, but confessing that he was learning more about the "health needs" that weren't being met just because of the GGR. Like it or not, sometimes abortion itself is necessary to protect the health of a pregnant mother. (If you're John McCain, it's "health" and not health.)

People like to ignore the way that abortion is used medically to maintain women's health, and it leads to ignorant impositions on bodily autonomy. Giving in to that pressure gives credence to the idea that abortion is extremely rare and only needed by the stupid and irresponsible, so you don't have to worry about it, oh no.

I posted this video about the GGR the other day, and it plays along with the abortion is for weirdos and idiots framing by completely ignoring its role in the lives of so many women. Thinking about the video in that light, I am less impressed by it.

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