Friday, January 30, 2009

Concern trolling after Bush

It's now reflexive to be pessimistic about Democrats' ability to get and keep power, as evidenced by letters on Salon's assessment of Republicans obstructing successful Democratic governance. searafin writes:

Wishful thinking, Mike

Mike Madden wrote: “That is, of course, exactly what Democrats want voters to remember when they go to the polls in 2010 -- that the Republicans' first instinct was to stand between Obama's agenda and success.”

Wishful thinking, Mike. Obama and the Dems now OWN the recession. If they solve it with this massive bailout credit goes to them and Obama. If they don’t blame goes to them and Obama. 1st real test will be 2010. If the Dems lose the House (they will NOT lost the Senate regardless) Obama is in deep doo-doo. This was a smart move on the GOP part, hang the whole thing around Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al. Removes W from the picture, although he was one big spender too and on stuff like the OTHER bail-out in October that did nothing.

The answer? Well if 2010 spells the doom of the Dems in the House I think Obama is smart enough to work with the GOP in a meaningful way and eliminate most taxes which will spur growth and bring back the economy. Obama will then win in 2012.

Solving the recession falls 100% to him now, and Reid and Pelosi.

The other issue that could screw him up is terror...if we get attacked again ala 9-11 he is toast. Especially if the terrorist is one of the clowns down in Gitmo.

READ THIS!!! SOME OF YOU SALON BLOGGERS…are crazy and sound like murderous dogs. When you advocate knifing someone and killing someone over political views you need to check yourself into a place where they can help you, or change your medication. You might hurt someone someday and end up in jail, not a good place. Relax, learn to think and speak and write like adults, not bratty children or stupid criminals. I know you get all hot and emotional and are yelling a lot but take it easy, go for a walk, relax. It’s only politics and you don’t know who is reading this. If the Secret Service gets wind of you calling for violence against one the folks they protect you might find yourself standing tall before a judge explaining why you wrote such creepy stuff
So even when Democrats win they lose. Concern trolling was cute in 2000, but the 08 elections were no briar patch for Republicans.

"Eliminate most taxes?" Ha! I get it! Continue breaking the government like the Republicans have, and you're assured to look smart in the future.

I certainly agree, though, that Democrats are going to have their hands full trying to unshit the bed they inherited. Cynics with self-fulfilling prophecies are children who won't take a look around and realize that being clever and knowing might be a good way to get in a zinger, but doesn't fix any problems at all.

What will contrarians do when the cw starts to have some relation to reality?
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