Monday, December 22, 2008

A Project for Tomorrow

I've been thinking about doing this for a long time, but the new HHS conscience rules have finally convinced me to go for it: I'm going to call the different pharmacies in the Moscow-Pullman area and ask whether they provide service to those seeking contraception (emergency or otherwise). I've never had occasion to look for Plan B, so I don't know whether the pharmacy I use will sell it. They have gotten a lot of business from me this year, and I'm hoping they won't lose it tomorrow.

It's now the responsibility of any woman wishing to use prescription contraception to find out whether her medical providers will actually write or fill prescriptions for it. A few weeks ago, I saw someone somewhere suggest that Planned Parenthood get into the pharmacy business, and how fantastic it would be if they had pharmacies across the country that could be relied upon to serve customers' reproductive health needs. PP does already distribute birth control pills and Plan B, but a chain of pharmacies separate from clinics would surely be easier to maintain and a good revenue source. There's no PP clinic in Moscow, but I'd be happy to patronize a pharmacy if they operated one here.
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