Monday, November 10, 2008


I've been getting an inordinate amount of friend requests on Facebook from middle-aged men I've never heard of lately. I'm usually a somewhat promiscuous with my befriending habits on Facebook, but when a strange guy who graduated from college the year I was born wants to be my "friend," I'm pretty turned off. I have only ever gotten a handful of these, because I think my relationshp status of "married" is actually a pretty good filter. But as it turns out a bad profile picture isn't - I just changed mine from the one at right to a more recent one that is out of focus and depicts me and my now crazy hair absent-mindedly nomming on a cocktail straw.

Maybe it's time that I admit that I absolutely love Facebook and want to be your friend! It's been my primary social outlet since March, so I'm happily hooked.

So if these requests are coming from readers, be aware that a woman in her twenties looks askance at social networking connections from men who are old enough to be her father and have no discernable reason for contacting me. So let me know in the request if you'd just like to get in contact because you like reading my blog, and I won't heartlessly ignore your request.
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