Friday, October 03, 2008

McCain's plan for rural health care: walk it off, bumpkins

I'm only 26, but my middle name might as well be "preexisting condition," and finding expert care in my rural area has posed a huge challenge for me - especially since I have to be seizure-free for six months to drive in Washington. So, Mr. McCain, if my autoimmune condition confines me to a wheelchair in 10 years, how will good exercise habits keep me healthy? How will I get any kind of coverage? And if I could even buy insurance on the private market, how many hours would I be expected to travel to get medical care?

This is a problem Idaho has been trying to address for years. Programs helping pay for student loans for rural general practitioners have a lot of potential - a lot more than starting a med school from scratch in Idaho. Who's to keep students from Idaho Medical in the state after they receieve their training?
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