Sunday, October 19, 2008

In case you're ever tempted to call me a foodie...

Know that I ate a Big Mac for dinner last night, and that I bought a chili cheese corn dog today on the same trip when I bought $16-worth of dried morels. It's diseheartening when you go to one store to do the bulk of your shopping for a big meal, and you make a supplemental stop at the place where they have the stuff you actually wanted and spend the same amount of money. (First trip to Winco = beef short ribs, veggies and other produce. Second trip to Rosauers = dried mushrooms and wine and junk food to tide us over until dinner). I'll put up recipes and pictures later, but the prep and cooking are going to take some time. We're attending a French-themed dinner tonight to which we're bringing zinfandel-braised short ribs with roasted mashed parsnips - Andy made this recipe up in May or so and picked up the next month's edition of Bon Appetit to find almost his exact recipe in it - and a cardamom-pear upside-down cake.
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