Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On Sarah Palin for Vice President

To get a little, shallow thing out of the way first - I am inclined to like anyone who shares my name. (There are a bunch of Saras, and even Sara E Andersons out there, let me tell you.)

As for the good, I'm of course excited to see a woman nominated to the office of Vice President. What I'd like to see follow is a national conversation about affordable child care

Regarding the bad, I'm really displeased to see such an extremely anti-choice woman pushing her agenda on the national stage. I'm also irked that she's made so much of herself by doing something she thinks should be required of any woman. Post-Roe, if you carry a fetus carrying Down Syndrome to term: ho hum.

Without Roe v Wade, carrying her last pregnancy to term would be a non-story. Her political side ought to be thanking its lucky stars for Roe.

I can be counted among those who believe she's utterly unqualified to become POTUS, should the situation arise. If I were her, I'd have declined the nomination.

Two-word verdict: not impressed.

As for her daughter being "in a family way," all I can think is "Poor dear - good thing she doesn't need to rely on the state for financial support. "
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