Monday, August 25, 2008

Boys do too like girls who do comedy

I'm watching the rest of the series of videos that starts with the video I posted below with the question about birth order, and the conversation has moved to the subject of how being funny has affected these women in romance. The theory that men are intimidated by funny women is floated several times. I'll admit that I get caught up in the dynamic of trying to "win the cocktail party," which gets quite thick at Moscow's Drinking Liberally meetings, which have been mostly attended by men so far.

I am pretty goddamn funny. If I'm going to say something to a stranger, it's almost always a joke that I break the ice with. Thinking of something funny to say about the situation I and a stranger are in always emboldens me to lean over and introduce myself to whoever it is that's sitting next to me. I would say that the thing over which Andy and I are most deeply bonded is humor. We're each the funniest person the other has met.
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