Monday, July 07, 2008

It's kind of tough to laud Will Saletan's sense of humor, but here goes:

Isn't it cute when he takes completely nonsensical positions on matters of grave importance to people (somewhat) different than him? Sometimes Saletan actually is funny and expresses something I've not quite been able to get at - what is it exsactly that Christian conservatives dislike about transsexuals? Where is Leviticus explicit on matters of gender identity? What would God have against a dude in a dress? (I'm looking at you, Brian Fischer - not that you're in a dress, but you complain about men in dresses quite a lot.)
If you regard Beatie's sex change as a crime against nature, it's not clear what you should propose to do about it now. He and his wife have a baby. As things stand, this girl will grow up with a mom and dad. Do you want to tell her she has no dad? Do you want her to have two mommies? Do you want to nullify her parents' marriage?
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