Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your homo-money's not good enough for my mayonnaise!

Via Andrew Sullivan, Heinz has pulled an ad featuring a family headed by a (male) same-sex couple on the American Family Association's urging. Not being a homophobic weirdo, I just can't understand what's going on with the AFA here - it reminds me of that old controversey surrounding the PBS kids' show spinoff of the Arthur series, involving Buster Bunny visiting a friend in Vermont whose parents were civilly-uni(fied or oned?) and not freaking the fuck out. How is inserting an anti-gay tantrum into a mayonnaise ad going to help anything, AFA? Surely, Heinz would like people of all walks of life to purchase their products. Would refraining from portraying same-sex-headed households push them out of existence?

The AFA item says Heinz is pushing gay marriage - nope. Heinz is pushing mayonnaise to gay people. Heinz pushes food products, not social legislation.
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