Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Totally pathetic

Not bothering to hear a non-discrimination bill in the Idaho Senate that would add sexual identity to the list of reasons a person could not be discriminated against in the state is really a very sad way to say "Screw you" to the non-heterosexual Idahoans who bring the contributions they do to the communities we live in and economies we depend on. Eye on Boise brings us the following quote:
Retired Hewlett Packard Co. executive Don Curtis Sr. told the crowd that his company has long banned such discrimination. “We believe it has affected our bottom line much for the better,” he said. Emilie Jackson-Edney of Idaho Equality said, “The amendment seeks to protect civil rights so fundamental, and so very fundamentally American, that it seems absurd we are still haggling over this in early 2008. The amendment simply states that it is illegal to discriminate against or fire someone because of the employee’s perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity.” McKenzie said earlier that he wouldn’t hold a hearing on the bill unless a majority of his committee members said in advance that they’d vote for it, and that didn’t happen.
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