Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update #3: Pre-Surgical Consultation

This is Andy, Sara's husband. Sara's asleep right now.

We're going in for a pre-surgical consultation at 12:15 today. We're not likely to find out much new, other than what a really impressive surgeon thinks.

We've been seeing a lot of friends recently. The night after the diagnosis, we had a couple of our closest friends over to drink wine; the day after that, we visited Sara's grandmother. And on this Monday, we had all of our oldest friends (and some family) over for crepes. I didn't cook, but as soon as I get the recipes nailed down, I'll put them up on the web.

The fact that we're seeing a surgeon, and the fact that the tumor isn't abutting Sara's optic nerve or motor strip, means that it may be operable without doing serious damage to the person I love. I hope so.

If you pray, pray. If not, keep us in your thoughts. More updates are coming.

UPDATE: And if you want to call, either of us would love to talk. I'm (208) 596-1862; Sara's (208) 596-1861.
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