Saturday, October 27, 2007

You knew it was coming

Dave Barry is dressing up as Larry Craig this Halloween. He's the first one I've spotted, and I haven't even gone to any parties yet.

If you follow the link, you'll find (I asked for permission to use the photo and am awaiting a response) that it's Barry in a suit, with a toilet seat around his neck labeled "Larry Craig." I say any costume that has to be labeled needs more work. In fact, I was recently trying to decide how best to execute a Larry Craig costume, and couldn't come up with anything that didn't involve some kind of wearable bathroom stall.

It might just be an unworkable idea, I'm afraid. Anyone seen a better one, or got any better ideas?

Me, I'm sticking with something non-political, and dressing up as a peacock.

UPDATE: Yikes - this sure is a scary Larry Craig "costume."

UPDATE II: I suppose I should have done more research before hitting "post." has several hints for making your Larry Craig costume work.

Here are several options that can be added to your basic suit, glasses and senator’s pin. This system will allow dozens of Larry Craigs to coexist at one party without losing their individuality.

•Sport a large sign that reads “NOT GAY”
•Carry a roll of toilet paper and keep a square taped to your shoe
•Construct a bathroom stall around you, held up by suspenders (much like a kissing booth)
•Carry a boarding pass, Minneapolis to Washington
•Attach a knife handle to your back, identified by the letters “GOP”
•Wear tap shoes
•Cling to a giant Senate seal (you can occasionally mention that you’re about to let go, but then don’t)
•Show up with a friend wearing a police badge around his neck.

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