Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Moscow Drinking Liberally featured in UI Argonaut

A reporter from the UI Argonaut joined us at Drinking Liberally and the article came out today. Check it out - and notice that my husband Andy was given my last name, since the reporter learned my last name first.
“Its not a strictly blue democrat thing, we just share some of the same liberal ideas,” Anderson said. One of the big topics on Thursday was Children’s Health care. The group all voiced opinions on this topic, and then moved on to another drink. The conversation switched to debate over “Battle Star Galactica,” a popular Sci-Fi TV show. However, another topic brought up in conversation was who will be the next President of the United States will be. Asking whom the next president of the United States would be struck up several interesting conversations. One member said they favored Hillary Clinton, while others pitched in. “Who we need to worry about is Giuliani,” Andy Anderson said. However, Sara Anderson isn’t worried.

“The next president will definitely be a democrat, all the republican candidates suck,” Anderson said.
Don't I sound articulate?

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