Friday, September 21, 2007

Kudos, bloggers of color

Dave Niewert wrote an apologetic post of belated coverage of the Jena 6 story, and I thought this sentiment was worth highligting:
None of the top-tier liberal bloggers paid the Jena situation much attention in the weeks leading up to the march, and those of us on the left dedicated to civil-rights and race issues -- like myself -- tended to let it slide. The bloggers who made this happen were all "bloggers of color" whose own burgeoning network turned out to be truly potent.

Fortunately, their energies made the difference in Jena, and now the whole world is watching and paying attention. That includes those of us who should have been doing so in the first place.
You know, he's right. I'm just as guilty of staying in my whiteosphere comfort zone as any of the top-tier bloggers who've been criticized, and I can't think of a more appropriate reminder of it than the impressive display of passion and action that can be very much be attributed to the organizing of bloggers of color. I'm sorry that I had to be made to pay attention, sorry to the students in Jena and everyone else who's felt their frustration.
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