Monday, August 13, 2007

Thinking outside the bra

...but underneath the skin. Via Women's Health News, it has come to my attention that Israeli scientists have devised a technology now in testing that is, in essence, an internal bra. Internal as in underneath the skin.


Rachel was a little disturbed by the prospect (and amused by the image of the augmented pigs on which this technology is being tested), but I think it looks pretty cool. The article touts the "CupUp" as a less-invasive alternative to breast augmentation or lifts. I've never been interested in cosmetic surgery before, but I find the idea of not having to wear (or buy or shop for or mourn when the underwire pops out) a bra pretty intriguing. I know that I don't have to wear a bra, but I feel a lot more comfortable with one than without. I'm going to wear a bra. Especially while in motion. For that matter, as my bust size has increased, so has my discomfort at not wearing a bra. This may even have the potential to be a much less invasive alternative to breast reduction surgery.

There are also lots of reasons it might not work. There might well be a good reason not to have our breasts cemented to our rib cages. The article suggests adding padding to the cup, to mimic the action of a push-up bra, and all my experiences with push-up bras (mercifully they have been few) have left me in pain and glad to be able to get rid of the darn thing at the end of the day. I've also always appreciated the nipple-hiding that a bra can do - this wouldn't be able to manage that.

Plus, it brings up all the normal issues that go along with surgically altering women's bodies so that they'll conform to popular beauty norms.

Horrifying? Awesome? Horrifyingly awesome? What do you think?

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