Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's not a movie until there's a white person in it

I liked this essay at (via Racialicious).
I'll admit it: I am completely incapable of understanding other cultures, races, ethnicities and creeds without a white surrogate. I am frightened by the other. They smell different. They eat loudly. They lambada.

Thankfully, Hollywood feels the same way.
Read the whole thing. What it made me think of was how when I saw previews of Apocalypto - which has been widely denounced as racist and imperialist - it occurred to me that it was the only movie I could think of that was entirely about nonwhite people. (Bear in mind that I'm a total movie dilettante, so I'm sure I'm both looking in the wrong places and can't remember most of the movies I have seen anyway.) I only later learned that the white people come at the end, so I guess I was holding out too much hope for Mel Gibson to do something interesting and, uh, not racist. As the CHUD essay mercilessly points out, it's a much more daunting task to find an American movie that has no white people than it is to find a movie that has zero nonwhite people.

Given that most people in the world aren't white, and that the medium of film allows artists to take us anywhere in the world and anywhere imagined, that's pretty pathetic.
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