Monday, August 06, 2007

The biggest mystery of all: how does he not get beat up wearing a hat like that?

Salon has a pretty amusing interview with self-anointed master of the "Venusian arts," a man named, simply, Mystery. Here he is explaining his recommended pick-up tactic of being kind of a jerk, or "negging."

The theory of "negging" is controversial. I've heard it criticized as simply veiled insults and misogynistic.
Those are the people who haven't seen it in action. The result of any "neg" is laughter.

Doesn't this kind of scheming ultimately harbor a more deep-seated sense of inadequacy in men? Don't you start to worry about having the "real you" discovered?
You've never met me in person, have you? And you wrote that question down on a piece of paper before you met me. Here is the word that I don't enjoy, "scheming" -- I'm not a schemer.

What word would you be more comfortable with?
Let's go through it again. What's the question?

OK ... would this kind of scheming create a sense of inadequacy in men - a fear of being found out?
Wow. Did you write that? Snap out of it, woman! Oh my god. Let's come up with better questions than that -- that just doesn't fit into my reality. Are there people out there who scheme? Perhaps. Are there people out there who don't like themselves? Yeah. I like myself, I'm a good person.
This is really how I see it: If you don't learn these skills, if you don't learn what knowledge already exists in the Venusian Arts, your chances of survival and replication in this life will be compromised.

Who's surprised that this is all coming from a man who looks like this:

I somehow doubt that dressing like that and treating women like programmable, interchangeable fembots in the machinery of a world that exists to get you laid is the ticket to a great sex life. But then, I don't have a lipstick mark tattooed on my neck - what do I know?

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