Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You do have the majority now, you know...

This is beyond the pale. The Democratic-majority House is about to increase funding for abstinence-only sex miseducation in the United States. We know it doesn't work. We know that it enforces creepy retrograde ideas about gender and sexuality. And we know that real education is key in helping people realize their reproductive rights.

So, really, what gives?

UPDATE: Scott says a little about what gives - it's part of a compromise that includes an increase in funding for Planned Parenthood, amongst other things. It makes me curious about who would possibly be so interested in pushing abstinence-only ed, but still be cool with funding Planned Parenthood. If I'm correct in my assumption that the ones pushing the abstinence-only ed disapprove of easy access to reproductive health services (Because kids won't need them if they're not having sex, right? Right?), you'd think they'd drop the ineffective abstinence-only education for a chance to dig at PP, which does stand to make people's sex lives safer and baby-free (and therefore more appealing to godless liberals like me). Why - why why why - hold onto something so clearly useless for everyone?
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