Saturday, June 02, 2007

Knocked up

Went out to see it tonight, and I think that the feminist hand-wringing over how abortion was portrayed in the movie was misplaced. They didn't use the word "abortion," it's true. And movies rarely portray a woman's choice to terminate realistically, sure. But this is a comedy, and if there's anything that abortion is not, it's funny. And frankly, I sympathize with the character's opting to have the baby - it wasn't a very convenient time to have a kid, but kids just aren't convenient anyway. I've been ambivalent about the idea of kids for a long time, but when a decision that big is so hard to make (and I have a hard time choosing what to order on a long menu), it makes sense to just go with what you've got sometimes. I think that the movie captured really well that ambivalence isn't always torture. My favorite moment in the movie was a scene where Elizabeth was alone, readying the nursery, and folding the tiny baby clothes on top of her enormous belly.

And - it was funny. And surprisingly tasteful when it comes to sentimentality - I could have gone for more, but I sometimes tear up when the Simpsons gets sentimental.

UPDATE: The one thing that did get my feminist undies all in a bundle were the shots of the baby crowning during delivery. Who the fuck gets a Brazilian before giving birth?! It was portrayed as incredibly disturbing, but it all looked nice and neat, and if you're going to be that graphic, you might as well tone down the porniness. Yeesh.
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