Sunday, May 27, 2007

Uh, reread that sentence before you hit "publish."

Andrew Sullivan, on Middle Eastern Muslim kids' acceptance of Western Culture:
A Muslim country where kids bleach their hair is a sign of hope.
Phew! If they're willing to tone down their swarthiness, there may be hope for them after all!

Jackass. Though, at least he can tell when a liberal is making excuses for their biases:
Then, alas, we get this lame-ass Democratic talking point:

John Edwards may not be perfect, but let’s not call him a bigot or a dishonest supporter of gay rights, especially when the other party is built on bigotry and disdain for homosexuals.

The rampant homophobia among Christianist Republicans is not a get-off-free card for Democrats.
Very true, but advocating for gay rights doesn't mean you get off the hook for holding onto racist, xenophobic ideas about Muslims. Take your own advice, would ya?
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