Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sali ranks caretakers slightly below chopped liver

Via the Mountain Goat, we learn that Idaho's first congressional district representative Bill Sali does not wish to "honor early childhood care and education staff and programs in their communities and to work together to resolve the early childhood care and education staff compensation crisis." He voted against the resolution "Supporting the Goals and Ideas of a National Child Care Worthy Wage Day."

This is a resolution supporting the "goals and ideas" of a day devoted to providing caratakers with decent wages and support for the important job they do. He's voting his values, not his pocketbook, so Sali can't even make excuses about fiscal responsibility. It's not that he doesn't think the US doesn't have the ability or responsibility to pay child care workers more, he just doesn't think they ought to earn more money or have more respect.*

*UPDATE: I now realize that the italicized portion above goes a little too far. Sali is voting as a representative of Idaho's first district, so it's possible that he personally disagrees with the vote but feels it best represents the sentiments of his constituents. If he's just watching the Idaho legislature, I can see why he might draw such a conclusion. There are plenty of first district Idahoans who don't share such a dim view of caretaking and the people who make it happen, however, and I encourage them to let Sali know it.
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