Monday, May 14, 2007

Judging by the cover

QD has compiled some blogger criticism of Jessica Valenti's new book Full Frontal Feminism. If there are any critics of feminist bloggers I'm interested in, it's other feminist bloggers, so I think it's a great angle through which to view the book (besides the important one - reading it and deciding what you think).

I've looked for it in stores and haven't seen it yet, but the feeling I get from this book is that it's just not for me. That is, I'm the Choir to which Valenti seems to desire to avoid preaching. (And by the way, count me as one of those who has a problem with the cover. I understand that the idea was to use Patriarchy-Approved(tm) imagery where it might be more useful than hurtful, but I would just hope that if there would be one place where I wouldn't find my body marginalized, it would be on the cover of a feminist's book.) I might buy the book for a younger (high school, I'm thinking) sibling or friend, but the vibe I've gotten from the book is that it's Not For Me. And that's cool - not everything is about me.

But heck, if I find it and read it, I'll add my voice to the Choir.
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