Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Eliminate the variables

Feministing.com commenters are predicting doom and gloom in the event that a libido-increasing, appetite suppressing pill for women enters the marketplace. I'm more optimistic (assuming there's any good science behind the idea that this drug could one day be used by humans). Samhita says:
As the article asserts, low libido often has more to do with unhappiness in relationships than with actual lower libido. But why deal with that when you can have a quick fix drug to help you ignore the cause and allay symptoms.
I think this drug could be a good tool for identifying a problem relationship. Right now, if you find yourself in a situation where you and your partner are fighting a lot and not connecting sexually, it's pretty hard to figure out exactly what's wrong. Is your new antidepressant screwing with your libido? Are you ready to move on from the relationship? Are you too concerned about the way your body looks to enjoy yourself in bed? It's pretty tough to separate out all your feelings on these issues.

If you began taking this drug, and were still unhappy, you at least could no longer blame it on your spare tire or how often you're getting it on. If you take this drug and things get better - then things are better. There's the possibility that people will confuse a busy sex life with a good relationship, but that happens without this drug around. Your relationship is going to be terrible with or without this drug if you have no ability to assess your own happiness in it.
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