Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jr. high kids marked with a scarlet P

Via The Mountain Goat Report, we learn that Idaho Falls schools are engaging in humiliation tactics to get Junior High kids to pay off lunch bills:

TWIN FALLS - Students who fell behind on school lunch payments were stunned Monday afternoon when their lunch trays were taken from them and dumped in the garbage.

Cafeteria workers then gave them a sack lunch and two words of advice - pay up.

The Twin Falls School District refused to serve hot lunch to more than 150 students at Vera C. O'Leary Junior High School on Monday because they were not paying for their school lunches. Cafeteria workers threw out the students' hot meals and replaced them with sack lunches while charging them full-price for a hot lunch.

District officials say the purpose of the brown-bag lunch was to encourage students to pay their delinquent lunch accounts, but others say the district was coercing students into paying off their debt by humiliating them.

These school officials might as well tell the kids that if they don't fork over their lunch money that they'll be stuffed into their lockers after school. That's pretty harsh treatment of a child for something that's the responsibility of their parents.
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