Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's me who's the man-hater here?

Yesterday's NYT article about sexual desire and arousal in humans made for some interesting reading. It suffered from a heavy bias toward nature while basically ignoring nurture in its explanations of various findings (I liked when they implied that women are hard-wired to find 70's hairstyles unattractive. If that were the case, how do they explain 70's hairstyles?), but I figured that was for the sake of staying on-subject.

It did stray into downright alarming territory on occasion, though. See Shakesville's Brynn for more, but the thing I was most appalled by was this:
The results suggest that having a good set of sexual brakes not only dampens the willingness to commit rape or sexual abuse, but the desire as well, giving the lie to notions that “all men are the same” and would be likely to rape their way through the local maiden population if they thought they could get away with it.
Ack! Who thinks this? Usually this anti-male idea takes the form of saying all men are sex-driven robots, but I'd never heard someone say that they're actually rape-driven robots.

Who comes up with this stuff? And why do they get the impression it's feminist champions of sexual autonomy who hate men?
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