Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This goes on your permanent record, young lady

Commenter howard at TAPPED makes a really good point about the criticism of Edwards' hiring of Marcotte and McEwan:
meanwhile, the notion that bloggers don't belong in campaigns is quite ludicrous. there are loads of people with strongly held opinions who either were candidates themselves (did any of the various stupid things ronald reagan wrote or uttered in radio broadcasts keep him from being elected first governor and then president) or policymakers (greg mankiw basically disowned his own frickin' economics textbook when he worked for bush) or spokespeople (let's take a look at tony snow's history in print, shall we?).
In case you hadn't heard, Tony Snow, Whitehouse Press Secretary, is an actual, factual freeper. He's called a few names and disagreed with his boss in his day - why should he get away with it?

And Ezra is right to ask: what kind of precedent is this setting?
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