Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No working outside the home, or the kid gets it!

Via Huckleberries Online, an Idaho House committee killed potential legislation that would regulate daycares in Idaho. This being Idaho, I had guessed that the opposition would have had a "guv'mint outta my business" tone, but it turns out it's just the opposite.
"It's gut-wrenching for me," Rep. Tom Loertscher, R-Iona, said before the 6-5 vote against the bill. "What can we do to keep mom at home?" Loertscher said he "cannot imagine" ever taking a child to a day-care center and said, "There is no substitute, there is absolutely no substitute for families taking care of children." Rep. Steven Thayn, R-Emmett, said, "Being separate from your mother … there's reason to believe this could be harmful."
Got that, moms? Re. Steven Thayn has "reason to believe" that your working outside the home could be "harmful" to your child. Rep. Tom Loertscher is racking his brain as to how to keep Mom at home. And somehow, the best idea that these folks could come up with to push their anti-woman, classist agenda is to threaten the health and safety of Idaho's children. If you didn't want little Billy to be molested by his daycare provider, maybe you shouldn't have stuck with that job at Mcdonald's. If you didn't want your daughter to be hospitalized with food poisoning, maybe you shouldn't have let her eat food prepared by another woman.

Family values my foot.
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