Monday, January 22, 2007

Reproductive rights are human rights

I am pro-choice because women are human beings, endowed with the right to self-determination. My pro-choice stance comes from the recognition that the unreserved right to autonomy is the right to be fully human, and that the fight for human rights necessarily includes the fight for reproductive freedom. Respecting human rights means respecting human autonomy regardless of circumstances such as disability, economic class, race, gender, or reproductive status. The real human potential contained in an embryo is special, but it is not sacred. For any body - state, church, or otherwise - to assert that its presence in a woman's body, or any other circumstance, creates conditions under which unconditional rights can be taken away, is for humanity to be demeaned.

This post is a part of NARAL Pro-Choice America's blog for choice day. To find out why hundreds of other bloggers are pro-choice*, visit Blog for Choice 2007.

*If you'd like to find out why one particular blogger whose name didn't get on the official list on time is pro-choice, see Josh at States of the Union.
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