Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My first meatballs

They're nothing special, but it's always fun to do something new. I'd never eaten spaghetti and meatballs until about a year ago, and the craving hit me hard this morning. I spent all day salivating over the idea, and was glad I had the patience to go through making the sauce, concocting and browning the meatballs and simmering them in the sauce. Also, it gave me a chance to use a product I've been lusting after in the produce section for a while: tubed herb paste. I don't get enough sun in my house in the winter to grow herbs, and I hate buying the spendy fresh herbs that I won't get to using all of before they go bad. I was pretty satisfied with the results, and if it tastes just as good in a week or so, I'll be a true convert.
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