Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Let yourself go"

This discussion at Big Fat Blog about the phrase "let herself go" was really refreshing. The main article notes the way a woman claims to support fat acceptance but doesn't want to see people "let themselves go," but commenter bootness says this:
On the other hand, I personally have embraced that phrase “Let yourself go.” My mom used that one on me on the day of my wedding, when she displayed photos of me when I was bulimic in high school (I guess to prove to my husband’s family that at least I USED to be thin and pretty.) She said I had “let myself go,”, but that if I worked at it I could look that way again if I wanted to. I laughed at her and said, “I have let myself go, and now I’m free!” Free to eat what and when and how much I like, and not feel shame and fear and while I purge my meager salad after lunch. Free to be me. I should print up a t-shirt, "Let yourelf go" with a bird flying out of its cage.
I like that. Also check out the thread for some cute song lyrics fellow Palouse blogger JeanC was reminded of by the talk of liberation and letting oneself go.

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