Monday, January 15, 2007

Is Judith Regan on the NYT editorial board or what?

Just great. The NYT has decided to run an editorial by a woman who dated a date rapist, basically telling her story of why she stopped believing drunk sluts. It is chock-full of date-rape myths, isn't weighted with any facts, and displays an alarming dismissal of the seriousness of rape by the author. See this Daily Kos diary and Lawyers, Guns and Money for some detailed discussion of what goes wrong in the article.

I don't see much of a difference between publishing this and publishing the now-aborted If I Did It by OJ Simpson. The NYT has given up a whole article's-worth of space (in the style section - wtf is up with that?) to glorify the defense's arguments in an already-settled case, with no anchors in reality, or even corroboration of the editorialist's arguments. The article is simple rape-apologist propaganda, and it was completely irresponsible for the NYT to run it.
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