Sunday, January 28, 2007

Girls Gone Home

Via Twisty, check out this story of an activist group that got a Girls Gone Wild event canceled in their town. How did they achieve this feat? By...
threatening to acquire the video taped the night of the event and show it at the board meeting at which the bar’s liquor license would be up for renewal. No manager wants to go to the trouble of making sure that everything stays legal that night, and he summarily did the “right thing” and canceled the event.
Pretty elegant, eh? I'm not opposed to topless drunk chicks making out for cameras, but I am very opposed to facilitating Joe Francis' harassment and exploitation of women. If you never got all the details, be sure to check out this LA Times piece that actually includes him assaulting the (female) reporter.

The group that managed this has a myspace page, with information about DIY Joe Francis exile.

And, in other Joe Francis-related news, he's none too happy* that his sex tape (and prescription information) with Paris Hilton has been exposed to the media. The poor dear must feel so exposed and taken advantage of. (Thanks for the info, liza.)

*Oh Hell. Of course, on the day of the most blog traffic I've ever gotten, I screw up the link. It's fixed now.
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