Friday, December 01, 2006

Sometimes I just can't help myself

Inspired by Amanda's HUHO post, I've got a few things to add. (See Lauren for the first HUHO carnival.)

Did you know that...?

...cutting off the head of a monitor lizard and rubbing it on your nipple will induce lactation? That this works most effectively in women, but is sometimes also effective in men?

...a small tuft of baboon hair mixed in a child's food will help alleviate nightmares?

...pork rinds crumbled and sprinkled on a kitchen floor help prevent ants from invading? ounce of snake oil taken thrice daily for two weeks cures impotence?

In all seriousness, reading Amanda's post kind of made me wonder if things could turn from Help Us Help Ourselves to Help Us Hurt Ourselves. Echinacea does not prevent colds, and eating yogurt offers only a slim possibility of helping prevent yeast infections. (Believe me, I am a microbiologist who knows from yeast infections.) Etc. Amanda is not a doctor, so I don't think she deserves too much grief for passing on her favorite superstitions, but already I see HUHO headed down a dangerous path. Home cures aren't always useless, but they're not always safe, either. If this kind of thing is going to be included, perhaps a grain of salt warning should come with it. I go to Pandagon for wingnut smackdowns and cute panda pictures, but I'm not necessarily going to trust its medical advice.
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