Sunday, December 03, 2006

F-words turns one

A year ago today I started F-words with this post:

Smart Woman's Burden

After many years of voraciously reading the news, it has become apparent to me that the world doesn't work the way I want it to. I'm not really sure why every human being does not agree with me exactly on every issue, but this still appears to be the case. It could be that I am wrong about some things, or that other people come to independent conclusions. These are not very convenient explanations, though, so I am choosing to believe it is because I have not made myself clear enough. Obviously, if there is any hope for the world, I am obligated to share my opinions and thoughts in a public forum.

436 posts, 32,648 visitors, and countless flamewars later, here I am. I haven't really reflected a lot about what this means, but I do think this is a good excuse for a best-of-F-words list. Some were heavily-trafficked posts and some weren't really noticed. Here are some of my favorites.

Idaho politics:

I was able to throw a little wrench in Idaho politics when it came to the six-way Republican primary for the first congressional district seat.

Ruminations on the huckleberry and what claim real Idaho natives have to its cultivation.

Driving through Idaho can be very, very interesting.

The constitutional amendment passed this year in Idaho banning gay marriage will have a wide path of destruction.

As an Idaho Democrat, you either have to celebrate or drown your sorrows. Either way, you'll be drinking liberally.


My second blog post ever, with an incredibly lame title, talked about the essential differences between men and women that give them essentially different treatment under abortion law.

I blogged for choice about the robustness of the feminist movement's support of choice.

If abortion were physically impossible, we'd still be having the same arguments about female autonomy.

Sex and Sexuality:

How I feel about porn.

Some reflections on when sex-positivity feels more like required hypersexuality. (And, in light of some criticism I got for that post, I speak on an instance where people are implored to prioritize their libido over their mental health.)

Worker safety on porn sets.


Marriage can help protect women from a sexist world. Even polygamist marriage.

Getting married brings out the weirdest things in people.

One feminist's mostly traditional wedding.

Body image and me:

Deciding not to hate yourself is a lot harder than you'd think.

Even harder: deciding that your happiness is important.


I asked to discuss their favorite cheap recipes.

Some of my favorite recipes I've posted: bok choy salad, baby baklava, morel pasta, and gorgonzola-pear butter. See my now defunct food blog Orexia for more, including the cake I dreamed.


Grammar nazis drive me nuts.

I had someone accuse me of making this story up. I find that to be very frightening.

Carnival of the Feminists #24 happened here.
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