Saturday, November 18, 2006

Talking about prostitution

Via Fleshbot (NSFW!), check out the winners (vaguely NSFW) of an Italian design contest for an awareness campaign about prostitution. The text is mostly in Italian, but you'll get the idea. The "QUANTO Project" concept description:
The awareness that women and minors are now-a-days subjected to exploitation and slavery is particularly dramatic if compared to the social progress so far achieved in the human rights field.

Acknowledging such conditions has resulted,in the last fifteen years, in reflections, dibates, political and social interventions,especially as a consequence of the increased phenomenon:"the sex market". Women (often immigrated) are more and more the object of exchanges in the human trafficking, for the purpose of sexual exploitation by criminal organizations.

Unfortunately it is necessary to remember that a world estimate, puts at two million the number of boys and girls involved in this market,managed by criminal organizations;and Italy is one of the landing and dispatching place to other europian regions. The exploitation is not limited to the sex market,but also to the working world, housework included.

Lack of freedom is not intrinsic with prostitution,but is a function of abuse,poverty,bad working conditions,inexperience,and/or desperation. It is therfore indispensable to consider first of all, women and minors as human beings,and as such,individuals with rights (aside from their conditions,legal status,and more or less coerced prostitution activity).

QUANTOproject wants to arouse new reflections to bring forward a topic that tends more and more to hide and become unconspicuous.
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