Monday, November 20, 2006

It's official

I am now a crackpot. The WSU Daily Evergreen recently ran an article about unreported rape on campus, and when a third of the article was devoted to describing date rape drugs, I had to write in and mention that date rape drugs are rarely involved in sexual assault. I wrote:
While I applaud the Daily Evergreen's effort to shed light on the problem of unreported rape on campus, I was disappointed to see yet another article lean so heavily on the spectre of date rape drugs. Only a tiny minority of sexual assaults involve their use, but under the heading "The prevalence of date rape drugs," no such information was provided. This paints a deceptive picture of sexual assault, which is facilitated mostly by a culture that won't respect a woman's absolute right to make decisions about her body. A rapist armed with GHB is dangerous, but one without it is a rapist all the same.
Don't get me wrong: I stand by my statement. You just get a little worried that you've gone of the deep end if you're writing a letter to the editor.
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