Wednesday, November 22, 2006

False reporting

A few days after this month's election where Idaho overwhelmingly passed a gay marriage and domestic partnership ban, it was reported that a young gay man was attacked in Boise, the attackers motivated by homophobia. It's since been discovered that the attack never took place and that the "victim" filed a false police report. Sounds like justice was done to me, but now the blustering begins about the major setback that's been dealt to the cause of human rights in Idaho due to this dumbass.

The thing is that there is false reporting when it comes to every kind of crime. Another crime where much noise is made about false reporting is rape, though there's no evidence to suggest that rape is falsely reported any more often than any other crime.

What I find to be so disturbing about the noisemaking is that it seems rooted in the idea that victims should feel lucky that the state will prosecute gay bashing or rape, and it comes with the implicit threat that if victims don't watch themselves, they'll stop being so lucky. This even in the face of evidence that victims are overwhelmingly honest. Unless we're going to see editorials like this one (which I found to be disturbing for the first half but maybe striking the right notes by the end - is this a problem with the headline?) about falsely reported robberies, I just don't want to hear it.
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