Sunday, October 15, 2006

Zunafish story

One reason (other than laziness) that blogging has been so sparse around here lately is that I've been reading a lot of books. There's a service I've discovered called Zunafish, which allows people to trade old paperbacks and CDs with each other, and I'm totally hooked. I imagine this same kind of thing could be accomplished with a good used bookstore, but with the small population in my area and therefore the small selection at used bookstores, Zunafish has proven to be pretty useful to me. It costs $1 to arrange each trade, and shipping tends to be a little under $2, so I end up spending a lot less money than I would buying the books new or even used. I also reuse the envelopes in which the books are sent to me, so I cut down on costs and resources that way, too. Neat, huh?
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