Friday, October 27, 2006

Who wants Sali to win and why?

Check out these numbers from the FEC on the ID-01 funds from the first 18 days in October:
ID-01: Larry Grant (D) - $150k raised, $65k Cash-on-Hand; Bill Sali (R) - $55k raised, $43k CoH
This means that the vast majority of money being spent in the name of Bill Sali was actually raised by PACs and party bigwigs, and relatively little has been given directly to him. When you donate to the RNCC or the Club for Growth, you don't necessarily know where your money is going. I find it interesting that so little of the funds supporting Sali were actually given to him, but to generic groups that support "conservatives." Contrast this with Grant, most of whose funding and support has come from direct donations - about three times the direct donations than Sali has recieved.

Sali's support comes from those who want to keep Republican seats and this failed crop of Republicans in power; Grant's support comes from people who want Larry Grant to go to Congress. Not a minor distinction.
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