Friday, October 13, 2006

So dirty so soon

Sali (and at least one sticky-fingered Muscovite supporter of his) must be scared. New poll numbers are showing Larry Grant within single digits of Sali, and now more dirty politicking. Apparently, there have been robocalls in Idaho commissioned by the RNCC on Sali's behalf that are worded such that it sounds like it's a Democratic operation. Grant's online campaign coordinator said she's getting plenty of letters like this in response:

Last night while trying to relax with my family, your campaign,
using an autodialing program called my home 4 times within an

Now, not only did you interrupt my valueable family time,
I'm a red white and blue REPUBLICAN.

So take me off your get-out-the-vote phone campaign because that little "D" behind your name on my ballot tells me all I need to know about your politics!


These are not the tactics of a confident campaign.
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