Monday, October 23, 2006

Salon notices Jesusland

Check out this article about Rexburg, Idaho, home of BYU-Idaho. Given that BYU-Idaho is basically the only thing there, and BYU-Idaho is basically a Mormon Magnet in a pretty LDS-heavy part of the state as it is, I find the "they're so weird and Republican" tone of the article to be sort of ridiculous. It's like writing an expose on the poor treatment of electric utilities in Amish country. Honestly, I feel a little protective of the LDS community in my state and in other places. They're conservative, sure, and I know a few people who have been scarred by growing up in a community that demands a kind of conformity that some people can't attain. Still, it's a surprisingly flexible religion (as religions go - they've changed doctrine about race, and endorse the idea of evolution), and I appreciate the genuineness in their promotion of happy families and happy communities.
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